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We Are Always Hard At Work Working On New Ideas Designed To Take The Traditional Pub Quiz To The Next Level
If You Are A Quizmaster That's Not Frightened To Try Something New And Own A Laptop Or Other Mobile Hardware
Then These Apps May Come In Handy!

Please Note All Of Our Apps Come With A One Time Price Promise, Once Its Purchased, Its Purchased
And You Are Entitled To Free Updates For Life (If There Are Any), We Do Not Entertain All This License Rubbish.

And We Strongly Urge Other Developers To Follow Our Example (Let's Keep It Simple Guys)
Seriously, Next Time I Go To McDonalds I Wanna Buy A Burger NOT License It?.

Sadly Some Of These Programs Are Still In Development, Click On An Image To Find Out More

Picture Wizard

Raffle Ticket Generator Play Yours Cards Right Around The World Quiznet (TBA)

Coming Soon

Click For A Preview

Trivia Planet (TBA)

Blockbusters (TBA) The Chase (TBA) Name That Tune (Defunkt)  

Quiz Screen Saver

Pub Quiz Machine Quizland   Scrabble

Trivia Machine

Picture Puzzle