The Quizmasters Audio Database (Mp3)

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Audio Categories Brief Description
Backwards Brainbusters Short Clips Of Famous Songs, The Only Problem Is They Are Played Backwards
Character Voices Famous Fictional Characters From TV & Film Simply Name The Character NOT The Actor/Actress
Guess The Voice Short Clips Of Famous People Talking, Simply Name The Person Thats Speaking
Impersonations Lots Of Audio Clips Of Comedians Impersonating Famous People / Characters, Can You Identify Them
Jackpot Music Questions Lots Of Tough Clips Of UK Hits (Name The Artist Or The Title) Intended For Cash Prizes
Languages Clips Of People Speaking In Various Languages, But What Country Are They From
Movie Clips Tons Of Clips From Various Movies, Simply Name The Movie The Clip Is From
Movie Themes Lots Of Themes From Various Movies, Simply Name The Movie The Theme Is From
Musical Mixup 3 Well Known Songs All Being Played At The Same Time How Many Can You Idfentify (Point For Each)
Name That Tune In One You Will Hear Approx 1 Second Of A Famous Song And You Have To Identify It (Very Popular)
Name The Next Line You Will Hear A Clip Of A Well Known Song And When The Music Stops You Have To Name The Next Line
National Anthems Famous National Anthems From Around The World Quite Simply Name The Country
Supersonic Songs Seriously Speeded Up Songs Can You Name The Song Title
TV Clips Lots Of Various Clips From Well Known TV Shows Past & Present, Simply Name The TV Show
TV Themes Lots Of Themes From Various TV Shows Past & Present, Simply Name The TV Show The Theme Is From
Whats That Noise You Will Hear An Audio Clip Of A Certain Sound (Could Be Absolutely Anything) Simply Guess What It Is
Some Audio Files May Be Subject To Copyright Law And Could Be Removed Without Warning If We Are Asked