Tie Breakers 01 - (Submitted By Yoda)
  Question Answer
001 How Tall Is Everest To The Nearest Thousand Feet 29,000 Feet
002 Approximately What Percentaage Of The Earths Surface Is Covered In Water 71%
003 To The Nearest 100 Million Years How Old Is The Earth 4,540 Million Years
004 To The Nearest 500 Million How Many People Are Alive Today 5,5 Billion People
005 If You Added Up All The Ages Of The Celebrities That Started In The Big Brother House 2006, What Number Would You Come Up With? 423
006 How Many Different Flavors Of Ice Cream Do Baskin Robbins Sell? 1100 Different Flavors
007 In What Year Did Kellogg's Launch Rice Krispies? 1929
008 Jeff Hamilton From The USA Holds The Record For Achieving The Fastest Speed On A Pair Of Inline Skates, Can Anyone Tell Me How Fast He Was Going? (In Miles Per Hour) 64 Mph
009 In What Year Was The First Little Chef Restaurant Opened In Britain? 1959
010 Stevie Wonder Holds The Record For Winning The Most Grammy Awards By A Solo Pop Performer, How Many Grammy Awards Has He Won 19
011 To The Nearest Year, Can Anyone Tell Me When Christmas Lights Were First Invented 1895
012 Walter Cavanagh Of California Has The Largest Collection Of Individual Credit Cards Adding Up To A Total Of 1,397 Cards, But Can Anyone Tell Me How Much The Total Credit Is Worth On Those Cards? (In Dollars) 1.65 Million Dollars!!!!

At What Age Can A Female Lemming Become Pregnant, Answer In Days Please!!!

Just 14 Days
014 On The Original Band Aid Single Do They Know It's Christmas How Many People Were In The Original Line Up? 44 Artists
015 At The End Of The 20 th Century How Many Marks & Spencer's Stores Were There In UK? 289 Stores
016 How Many Times Was Tower Bridge Raised In 1990? 460 Times
017 How much in dollars did RCA Pay Sun Records For Elvis Presleys Recording contract back In 1955 $35,000
018 George Best Died Last Week Aged 59 But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Caps Did He Earn While Playing For Ireland? 37 Caps
019 How Many Times Does Kylie Say Lucky In The Song I Should Be So Lucky? 48 Times
020 How Many Churches Were Destroyed In The Great Fire Of London? 87 Churches
021 In 1982 Hungarian Inventer Erno Rubik Produced The Craze The Rubiks Cube But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Different Positions Does It Have



022 As Of 1999 How Many Church Streets Are There In The UK? 857
023 How Many Letters Are There In The Word "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS”? 34 Letters
024 When Did The Toy My Little Pony Go On Sale? 1982
025 How Many Episodes Were Made Of The TV Show “Are You Being Served”? 69 Episodes
026 How Many Mailbags Were Stolen In The Great Train Robbery? 120 Mailbags
027 In Britain How Many B&Q Stores Are There? 335 Stores
028 In What Year Did The First Meeting Of Alcoholics Anonymous Take Place? 1935
029 In Which Year Was The Penalty Kick First Introduced Into The Game Of Football? 1891
030 Ann Arkin Of North Devon Has The Largest Collection Of Gnomes & Pixies In The World They All Live In Her 4 Acre Gnome Reserve. But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Gnomes & Pixies She Has? 2,032

In Which Country Is The Worlds Largest Pyramid?


Who Was The First Woman Ever To Win A Best Actress Oscar?

Janet Gaynor
033 How Many Islands Does Fiji Have? 332 Islands
034 Rick Canzier Holds The Record For Unhooking The Most Bras In One Minute. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Bras He Unhooked? 42 Bras
035 At The end Of the 20 th Century How Many John Smiths Were Alive In Britain? 12,793
036 How Many Hat Tricks Did Pele Score In His Professional Football Career? 99 Hat Tricks
037 How Many Volkswagen Beetles Were Sold In The First Year Of Production? 343 Cars
038 As Of Episode 300 Of The Simpson's It Holds The Record For The Most Celebrites Featured In A Cartoon How Many Celebs Have Starred In The Show? 340
039 How Many Tubs Of Ice-Cream Were Sold At Wimbeldon In The 2 Weeks It Was On? 200,000
040 How Many 1 Litre Coke Bottle Labels Stuck Together Would It Take To Make A Standard Size Sleeping Bag? 85 Labels!!
041 How Heavy Are The Ashes From An Average Person Once They Are Cremated? (In Pounds) 9 Pounds
042 In What Year Was The Last Playboy Centerfold To Have Staples In The Middle Of It? 1985
043 George Blake Got The Longest Prison Sentence In History From A British Court After Being Charged Under The Official Secrets Act In May 1961. Can Anybody Tell How Long Was His Sentence? 42 Years ( Myra Hindley, Ron & Reg Kray 30 Years & Ian Brady 40 Years
044 How Many Feet Of Earthworms Does A Baby Robin Eat In 1 Day? 14 Feet
045 A Collector Of Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia Bought The Bra She Wore In The Film “Some Like It Hot”. Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did He Buy It For? $14,000
046 How Many New Mobile Phones Did Nokia Sell In 2004? 200 Million
047 How Many Letters Of Condolence Did Buckingham Palace Receive In The Week After Princess Diana Died? 500,000
048 In The Opening Credits Of The Simpson's Maggie Is Scanned Through A Checkout Machine. Can Anyone tell Me How Much Does The Till Say When She Went Through? $847.63
049 How Many Times Does A Desert Rat Have Sex In 1 Hour? 122 Times
050 How Many Separate Pieces Of Wood Does A Violin Contain? 70 Pieces
051 What Is The World Record For The Most People Surfing On One Surfboard At The Same Time 47
052 Giovanni Vigliotto is the worlds most notorious bigamist. Can anyone tell me how many woman he managed to marry before he was finally caught in 1984.

104 Woman = 25 years in jail / $330,000 fine

053 How Many Ball Boys And Ball Girls Are Employed For The Two Weeks That Wimbledon Is Run? 206
054 James Truster From Australia Holds The Record For Being The Fastest Texter In The World, In A Minute How Many Characters Can He Type? 160 Characters
055 In The Crash Test Dummies Song Mmm Mmm Mmm How Many Mmm's Are There In Total 24 Mmm's
056 In Which Year did Wimpy Open their First ever Burger Restaurant In The UK? 1954
057 How Fast In Mph Can A dragonfly Fly? (It's Theoretical Top Speed 60 Mph
058 How Many Fan Letters Did Charlie Chaplin Once Receive In 2 Days? 73,000
059 In A Survey Of 7-10 Year Olds What's The Percentage Of Children Who Said They Preferred TV To Dad? 44%
060 Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Times Is The Word Sheep Mentioned In The Old Testament? 155 Times
061 During The Act Of Sexual Intercourse A Mans Testicles Increase In Size By What Percent? 75%

How Many Times A Year Did Queen Elizabeth The First Take A Bath

12 Times A Year
063 Can Anybody Tell Me On Average How Many Marriage Licenses Are Issued In Las Vegas Every Day? 230
064 Laura Mundy From The UK Holds The Record For Wearing The Most Socks On One Foot. Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Socks Did She Manage To Put On? 50 Socks
065 How Many Times Are The Words “Love Shack” Mentioned In The B52's Hit Of The Same Name? 40
066 How Many Times Is The F-Word Used In The Film `Scarface`?
067 Bournemouth College Of Technology Claimed The Record For Cramming The Most Students Into A 1952 Volkswagen Beetle, Can Anyone Tell Me How Many People Did They Cram Into That Beetle? 103 People!!!!
068 Charlotte Lee From Santa Monica, California Has The Largest Collection Of Rubber Ducks On Record. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Ducks Does She Have In Her Collection? 1,439 Ducks
069 Mark Hogg Of Louisville, Kentucky Holds The Record For Swallowing The Most Live Worms In 30 Seconds. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Worms Did He Eat? 62 Worms!!
070 Macy's Is The World's Largest Retail Store On Record, It Covers 2.1 Million Square Feet Of Space. But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Different Items Does It Stock? 500,000 Items
071 What Is The Largest Number Of Children Had By 1 Mother?


16 Pairs Of Twins (32)

7 Sets Of triplets (21)

4 Sets Of quadruplets (16)

072 If 1 Pound Of Cooked Spaghetti Was Laid Out In 1 Long Noodle How Long Would It Be In Feet? 300 Foot Long

Sonya Thomas From Alexandria Virgina Who Weighs Just 105 Pounds, Attempted To Break The World Record for eating as many Hard Boiled Eggs as she could , she stopped after 6 minutes, 40 seconds
but can anyone tell me how many eggs she managed to eat in that time

65 and became the new world record holder

The Eiffel Tower In Paris Stands Just Over 986 Feet Can Anyone Tell Me In Order To Get From The Bottom To The Top How Many Steps Would You Need To Climb ?

075 Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Toilet Paper Squares Are There On An Average Roll Of Toilet Paper? 333
077 Can Anybody Tell When Pigs Have Sex How Long Does The Pigs Orgasm Last? 30 Minutes
078 On The 27 th November 2004 Garry Turner Got The World Record For Having The Most Clothes Pegs Clipped To His Face. Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Pegs Was There On His Face? 159 Clothes Pegs
079 In September 1990 Triumph International Japan Ltd Developed The Largest Bra Ever Made. Can Anyone Tell Me How Big Was The Underbust Measurement? (It's In Feet & Inches!!!!) 78 ft & 8 inches
080 On September 8 th 1979 The Founder Of Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders Was 89 Years Old. He Had A Party To Celebrate But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many People Turned Up For His Party? 35,000 People
081 The Royal National Lifeboat Institution Is The Oldest Life Saving Organization To Date, But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Lifeboat Stations There Are In The UK & Ireland? 223 Stations
082 On The 18 th October 2003 Students From The University Of Pretoria Made The World's Longest Hotdog. Can Anyone Tell Me How Long It Was? (In Feet & Inches) 34 Feet 5 Inches
083 When Queen Elizabeth 1 st Died in 1603 AD How Many Dresses Did She Own? 2,000 Dresses
084 When The Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs Arrived Back In England In 2001, How Many Days Had He Been On The Run? 13,068 Days
085 As We All Know The President Of The United States Flies In A Plane Called Air Force One. But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Telephones Are On Board Air Force One? 85
086 Clark Gable's Personal Film Script From The Film “Gone With The Wind” Is The Most Valuable Film Script On Record. It Was Bought By Stephen Spielberg At Christies In Los Angeles In 1996. Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did He Buy It For? ( In Dollars) 224,500 Dollars
087 The Most Expensive Reel Of Film Is The 8mm Cine Film That Captured President John F Kennedy's Assassination In Dallas On November 22 1963. Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Is That Reel Of Film Worth? (In Pounds) 10 Million Pounds
088 On The 16 th July 1950 Brazil Played Uruguay In The Football World Cup Finals In The Maracana Municipal Stadium In Rio De Janeiro. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many People Were In That Stadium Watching The Game? 199,854 People
089 The Biggest Game Of Pass The Parcel Took Place At Nanyang Technological University In Singapore On The 28 th Feb 1998 , Can Anyone Tell Me How Many People Took Part? (2,200 Wrappers Were Took Off) 3,918 People
090 In 2001 Elaine Davidson Of Edinburgh, Held The Record For The Most Piercing's On The Body. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Piercing's Does She Have? 720
091 Peter Lavinger Of New York Has Got The Largest Collection Of Autographed Drumsticks, He Has Been Collecting Them Since 1980 Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Drumsticks Does He Own? 1,300 Drumsticks

At The Brit Awards In 1997 Geri Halliwell Wore Her Famous Union Jack Dress. It Was Sold At Sotheby's In London On 16 th Sept 1998. Can Anyone Tell Me How Much It Sold For?

(In Pounds)
41,320 Pounds
093 Nick Vermulen From The Netherlands Has The Largest Collection Of Airline Sickness Bags. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Bags Does He Own? 3,728 Bags
094 In The City Of Los Angeles There Are 5,000 Miles Of Lit Streets Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Street Lights It Takes To Light up that entire area? 242,000
095 On The 5 th July 1980 The Worlds First Worm Charming Championship Was Held In Cheshire. Tom Shufflebotham Was The Man Who Charmed The Most Worms In The Space Of 30 Minutes. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Worms He Charmed? 511 Worms
096 In 1994 David Donaghue achieved the record for dropping fresh eggs from the greatest height without them breaking. Can anyone tell me how high was he when he dropped them?( In Feet) 700 feet
097 The most valuable comic in the world is a 1939 “Pay Copy” of a Marvel comic No1. It was sold to Jay Parrino's The Mint in November 2001 can anyone tell me how much it sold for? (In Pounds) 240,533 Pounds

If You Attempted To Count All The Stars In The Galaxy At A Rate Of One Star Per Second How Long Would It Take? (In Years)

3,000 Years
099 The Largest Easter Egg Hunt Took Place On 14 th April 2001 , In Queen Victoria Park, Ontario , Canada . There Was 8,200 Children Who Took Part But How Many Eggs Did They Collect? 254,000 Eggs
100 If You Laid An Adults Arteries, Capillaries And Veins End To End How Many Miles Would They Strech 100,000 miles (4 times round the world)
101 The Longest Single Sausage Ever Made Was In Barcelona On Sept 22 nd 1986, Can Anyone Tell Me Just How Long It Was?(in feet) 5,917 Feet
102 Eric Clapton's “Blackie” Fender Stratocaster is the most valuable guitar on record. It was sold to the Guitar Centre at Christies in New York how much was it sold for? (In Pounds 528,976 pounds
103 The Ocean Sunfish Has The World Record For Producing The Most Eggs In One Single Spawning. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Eggs Does It Spawn? 30 million
104 The largest Blood Donation in one day took place in Shah Satnam Ji Dham in India in 2003, but can anyone tell me how many people donated blood that day? 15,432 Blood collected could of filled 67 bath tubs!
105 In America Shrek 2 took the highest box office amount for an animated film on it's opening weekend, but just how much money did it take in pounds? 58.3 million pounds
106 Tony Mattia of Brighton,has the largest collection of Barbie Dolls on record how many Barbies were in that collection? 1,125
107 According to the Beaufort scale how many miles per hour must wind reach to be classified as a Hurricane? 74Mph
108 The tallest lego tower was built in Tallinn Estonia in 1998,it measured 81ft 12 inches but can anyone tell me how many 8 studded bricks did it take to build it? 391,478
109 In 1999,Walking with Dinosaurs was the most expensive Tv documentary series ever made, but can anyone tell me how much in pounds did just one minute of production take? 37,654 pounds
110 On record Amatore Balzoni of Italy has the largest collection of different types condoms how many does he own? 1,947
111 How Long in Seconds Does It Take the Average Flea To Have Sex 360 seconds
112 How Long In Days Would It Take The Average Snail To Complete The London Marathon 550 Days
113 How Many Bananas Were Used To Make The Worlds Largest Banana Split 11,333
114 In 2004 Edward Sharon Managed To Ripp Through 39 Telephone Directories how Many Pages Do you think Got Torn 39,156
115 The Most Expensive Commercially Available Bottle Of Wine Is The “Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes” In pounds How Much Do You Think Its Worth 33,805.02
116 A Rhinosceros beetle is capable of carry very large weights on its back , can any1 tell me how many times its own bodyweight it can carry 850 times , equiavalent to a man carrying 76 family sized cars on his back
117 In The Classic 80's Video Game Pacman Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Dots Are There On The Very First Level Of The Game 240
118 On Feb 16 th 2003 in the Philippines the largest aerobics display was held how many people attended? 48,188
119 The worlds most expensive burger is served at the Bistro Moderne New York ,how much does it cost in pounds? 32,47 pounds
120 In the 1970s a rocket powered car called the blue flame broke the world land speed record. Can anyone tell me how fast it was traveling? 622Mph
121 In 2001 the estimated population of the UK was how many people? 59.6 million
122 During The Human Male Ejaculation Can You please Tell me What you think is The Average Speed The Sperm Travels at in Mph 28 miles an hour
123 In 1997 Levi Straus & Co bought a pair of jeans believed to have been made between1886 – 1902 how much did they pay for them 15,616 Pounds
124 The Trans-Siberian railway is the longest railway in the world,but how long is it in miles? 5,750 Miles
125 In August 1994 in Manchester the largest pancake was made, how big was it's diameter in feet? 49ft
126 Percentage of Americans who have visited Disneyland / Disney World: 70%
127 How Many Taste Buds Does A Cat Fish Have 27,000
128 What Percentage Of The Population Are Left Handed 7 %
129 How Many Dimples Are There On A Regulation Golf Ball 336 Dimples
130 In Pounds , How Much Does The Average Adult Elephant Weigh 12,000 (6 Tons)
131 How many times does the average Human Blink in their Lifetime

657,000,000 Blinks

132 How Many Times the length of its body can a Flee Jump! 350 Times

In 2004 The First Episode Of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Was Shown. Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Times Did He Swear On That Show?

134 How Many Teeth Does The Common Brown Garden Snail Have , Yes They Do Have Teeth 15,000
135 How Many Million Barrels Of Beer Are Sold Annually In The UK 36
136 How Long Would You Have To Constantly Fart For To Produce Enough Gas To Create The Energy Of An Atomic Bomb? (That's In Years & Months) 6 Years & 9 Months
137 Aproximately How Many Licks Does It Take To Finish Off A Scoop Of Ice Cream 50
138 How Many Grooves Are There On The Edge Of A Quarter (As In Coin) 119
139 How Many Eyes Does A Bee Have 5
140 What Percentage Of A Jelly Fish Is Made Up Of Water 95%
141 How Many Freckles Did Howdy Doody Have 48

The Largest Bunch Of Bananas Was Grown In Spain But How Many Individual Bananas Were On That Bunch


The Most Expensive Hotel Room In The World Is The Imperial Sweet At The President Wilson Hotel , But How Much Will A Single Nights Stay Set You Back

20,907 Pounds

Marco Holt From Switzerland Holds The Record For Keeping The Most Straws In His Mouth At One Time But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Straws Did He Manage To Hold Onto

258 Straws
145 What Percentage Of People Have Tooth Decay By The 15th Birthday


146 If The World Was The Size Of A Table Tennis Ball What Diameter Would The Sun Be In Feet

12.5 Feet

147 In What Year Did TV Cat Bagpuss First Come To Life? 1974
148 The Berlin Wall Came Down In 1989; How Long Did It Stand For? 29 Years
149 How Many Hairs Are There On The Average Human Head 120,000 Hairs
150 How Many Hours A Week Does A Sloth Spend Awake But Completely Motionless 10 Hours
151 How Many Dresses Was Queen Elizabeth I Reputed To Own 2,000 Dresses
152 To Flavour 100lb Of Boiled Sweets How Much Artificial Flavouring In Ounces Is Needed Half OZ
153 How Many Miles Can A Sloth Swim In Four Hours 1 Mile
154 What Percentage Of People Have Tooth Decay By The 15th Birthday 95%
155 How Many Times Does A Heartbeat During The Average Lifespan 2,500,000,000
156 One Tonne Of Uranium Produces The Equivalent Energy Of How Many Tonnes Of Coal 30,000 Tonnes
157 How Many Times It's Own Weight Can An Ant Lift 50 Times
158 What Percentage Of Animals Are Insects 80%
159 How Many Ounces Of Salt Does A pint Of The Dead Sea Water Contain 4 Oz
160 How Many Hours A Day Do Dolphins Spend Asleep 2 Hours
161 How Many Tons Of Barnacles Would An AverageShips Hull Collect In An Average Year 100 Tonnes
162 Approximately How Many People Died Of The Plague (The Black Death) 42,000,000 People
163 How Many Eggs Can A Common Spider Lay In One Go 600 Eggs
164 How Many Pennies Did The Royaal Mint Produce In 1933 Only 4 Pennies
165 How Many Times Are Cats Mentioned In The Bible Never!
166 How Many Times The Earth's Weight Is The Weightt Of The Sun 330,000 Times
167 How Many Islands Are There In The State Of Indonesia 13,000 Islands
168 What Percentage Of Your Body Weight Is Your Skeleton 20%
169 How Frequently Do Planes Take Off From Chicago's O' Hare Airport Every 52 Seconds
170 How Long Did The First Aeroplane Flight By Orville Wright Last 12 Seconds
171 George V Collected How Many Stamp Albums 325 Albums
172 How Tall Was Charles The I In Inches 57 Inches
173 How Many Bananas Were Used In The Worlds Biggest Ever Banana Split 11,333 Bananas
174 How Many Degrees Can A Sloth Turn It's Head Through 270 Degrees
175 The Hawk Moth Can Flay At What speed In MPH 33 Mph
176 How Many Years Does It Take To Produce A Medium Sized Pearl 7 Yeaars
177 Out Of 3,000 Or So Types Of Snake In The World How Many Are Poisonous 250 Are Poisonous
178 How Many Gallons Of Water Does Old Faithful Gush Every Day 33 Million Gallons
179 Claude Seurat The Worlds Skinniest Man, Had A Chest How Many Inches Thick 3 Inches
180 How Long In Feet, Did The Swami Pandarasannadhi Grow His Hair 26 Feet
181 How Fast Can A Giant Tortoise Run In Mph 0.17 Mph
182 If The World Was The Size Of A Table Tennis Ball What Diameter Would The Sun Be In Feet 12.5 Feet
183 What Percentage Of Pianos In Britain Are Out Of Tune 79%
184 What, Supposedly, Is The Reading Age Required For The Front Page Of The Daily Telegraph 13 Years Old
185 How Long In Minutes Does It Take To Hard Boil And Ostrich Egg 40 Minutes
186 How Many Pints Of Air Does An Average Set Of Human Lungs Breathe Each Day 21,500 Pints
187 How Many Times A Minute Can A Bumble Bee Beat It's Wings 130 Times
188 How Long On Average Does It Take Two Fleas To Copulate 6 Hours
189 During Normal Breathing What Speed Does The Air Travel (On The Beaufort Scale) Force 2 - A Gentle Breeze
190 How Many Times Does The Average Person Change Position While You Sleep 35 Times
191 What Is The Diameter Of Jupiter At It's Equator (In Km) 142,800 Km
192 How Many Wives Had Brigham Young Founder Of The Mormons 27 Wives
193 How Many Horsemen Rode In The Charge Of The Light Brigade 700 Horsemen
194 How Many Litres Of Oil Can Be Extracted From The Carcus Of A Fully Grown Walrus 265 Litres
195 How Many Times Does The Word And Appear In The Bible 46,227 Times
196 How Many People Reputedly Dies In The Great Fire Of London 6 People
197 The Water Frozen In The Antarctic Is Equivalent To What Percentage Of The Atlantic Ocean 9%
198 Walter Watts Crossed Canada On A Unicyle, How Many Days Did It Take Him 93 Days
199 Miss Fanny Miles Of Cincinnati Had Huge Feet How Long In Cms 60 Cms
200 What % Of Vitamin C, Does A Brussels Sprout Loose If Cooked 90%
201 How Long Does It Take A Giant Bamboo To Grow One Metre 24 Hours
202 How Many Weeks Does It Take The Human Body To Totally Shed & Replace Its Outer Layer Of Skin 4 Weeks
203 How Many People Were Treated For Monkey Bites In Bognor Regis In The Summer Of 72 2 People
204 How Many Cups Of Tea Does The Average Briton, Drink Each Year 1,126 Cups
205 How Many Earth Years Does One Year On Pluto Equal 247 Years
206 Approximately, How Many Square Kilometers Is The Sahara , The Worlds Largest Desert 9,000,000 Sq. Km
207 How Many Tourists Visited The Tower Of London In 1993 2,332,468 Tourists
208 Heathrow Is The Busiest Airport In Europe; How Many Passengers Does It Handle Annually 45,000,000 Passengers
209 How Many Passengers Can The QEII Carry 1,877 Passengers
210 How Long In Miles Is Tthe Grand Union Canal 137 Miles
211 Bournemouth Has The Largest Railway Platform In Britain , How Long Is It In Metres 720 Metres
212 How Many Miles Long Is The M6 229 Miles
213 How Much Are The Annual Sales Of Coca Cola Worth 400,000,000 Pounds
214 On Average How Many Pounds Of Potatoes Are Eaten By Each Briton Each Year 110 Lbs
215 Approximately, How many Cans Of Heinz Baked Beans Are Sold In The UK Each Year 550,000,000
216 How Many Kilograms Of Sweets Do The Dutch Eat Per Year 14 Kilos
217 How Many One pound Coins Are There In Circulation 1,007,000,000 @ A Pound
218 Approximately How Much Is Sir Paul McCartney Worth 420,000,000
219 What Was The Population Of Moscow In 1991 8,801,500 People
220 During Sex A Mans Testicles Increaase In Size By What Percent 75%
221 How Many Woman Does The Average Frenchman Sleep With During His Life 12 Woman
222 What Is The Maximum Speed Of A Raindrop In Miles Per Hour 18 Mph
223 In 1972 The British Drunk Enough Whisky To Fill How Many Public Swimming Pools 25 Pools
224 For How Many Months Can Taarantulas Live Without Food 30 Months
225 How Many Cows Would Be Needed To Emit Enough Methane To Heat An Average House 10 Cows
226 A Headmaster At Eton Like Flogging Boys What Was His Record For One Day 80 Boys
227 How Many Tons Of Droppings To Chicken & Geese Produce In Britain Each Year 6 Million Tons
228 What, In Tonnes, Is The Approximate Weight Of The Great Pyramid Of Cheops 5 Million Tonnes
229 How Big In Millimetres Are A Blue Whales Ova 0.2 mm
230 In 1972 How Many Cars Travelled North Through The Dartford Tunnel 4,787,092 Cars
231 How Many Tons Of Food Does One Eat During A Lifetime 70 Tons
232 How Many Passenger Miles Per Gallon Does The QEII Achieve 12 Passenger Miles
233 What Percentage Of The Solar Systems Weight Is The Sun 99.87%
234 How Much Does The Smoke Produced In Britain Each Year Weigh 2.5 Million Tons
235 How Many Tons Of Dung Do Cows Produce In Britain Each Year 100 Million Tons
236 Approximately How Many Teeth Does A Snail Have 26,000 Teeth
237 How Long Would It Take A Snail To Complete The London Marathon 550 Days
238 How Many Tennis Courts Could You Get On The Deck Of The Average Super Tanker 7 Courts
239 How Many Hours Can An Albatross Glide Without Beating Its Wings 12 Hours
240 How Much Did The Flowers At Queen Victorias Funeral Cost 80,000 Pounds
241 How Many Britons Died From Adder Bites Between 1899 & 1945 7 People
242 Approximately How Many Spiders Would You Find In A 1 Acre Field 2.5 Million
243 Spread Out, How Many Square Feet Would Your Intestine Cover 100 Sq Feet
244 How Many Muscles Do Youu Use When You Walk 54 Muscles
245 How Many Wigs Did Elizabeth The I Have 80 Wigs
246 How Many Times Do You Have To Frown In Order To Get A Wrinkle 200,000 Times
247 How Many African Elephants Would It Take To Weigh The Same Amount Of The Annual Heinz Beans Consumption In The UK 27,500 Elephants
248 Approximately How Heavy In Tons Is The Leaning Tower Of Pisa 14,200 Tons
249 How Many Days Can A Bedbug Live Without Food 565 Days
250 How Many Dog Shows Were There In Britain In 1972 2,419 Shows
251 How Fast In Mph Can The Average Rabbit Run 45 Mph
252 How Many Gallons Does A Ten Gallon Hat Hold 0.75 Gallons
253 About How Many Organisms Do You Have Living Under Your Armpit 2,000,000 Organisms
254 Roughly How Many Fleas live IOn An Average Hedgehog 932 Fleas
255 How Many Times It's Body Weight Can A Bee Lift 300 Times
256 By How Many Metres A Day Can A Rye Plant Extend It's Roots 4km Per Day
257 How Many Times Thinner Than A Hair Is The Skin Of A Soap Bubble 10,000 Times
258 In 1968 What Percentage Of Woman Had No Teeth At All 40%
259 In 1972 What Was The Value Of A Ugandan Bride In Head Of Cattle 70 Head
260 How Fast Can A Hungry Tortoise Run In Metres Per Second 0.08 M/S
261 A Single 54lb Ling Fish Was Found To Be Carrying How Many Eggs 28,361,000 Eggs
262 In 1882, How Many Umbrellas Did England Export To India 3,530,055 Umbrellas
263 The Record Dentist Is Italian. During His 35 Year Career How Many Teeth Has He Pulled 2,000,000 Teeth
264 How Many Times A Year Did Queen Elizabeth I Bath 12 Times
265 At It's Peak, How Many Pounds Per Minute Did The Emir Of Kuwait Earn From Oil 15,000 Per Minute
266 How Many Times Bigger Is Popped Corn When Its Cooked 20 Times
267 Approximately How Many Chip Shops Are There In London 12,000 Chip Shops
268 How Long Was The Longest Fish Finger Ever Made In Feet 2.5 Feet
269 How Many Fan Letters Did Charlie Chaplin Once Receive In 2 Days 73,000 Letters
270 How Many Of 1000 Children Surveyed Said The Prefer TV To Dad 440 Kids
271 How Many Gallons Of Water Are Used Each Year On British Golf Courses 400,000 Gallons
272 If 100,000 People All Shouted At Once, The Energy Produced Could Bouil How Many Pints Of Water 3 Pints
273 How Many Days Does It Take A Sloth To Digest A Meal 7 Days
274 The Panawar Man Eating Leopard At How many Victims Before It Was Finally Shot 400 Victims
275 How Much In Pounds Are Filipinos If They Dont Plant A Tree Every 5 Years 150 Pounds
276 How Many Lenses Are There In A Dragon Flies Eye 28,000 Lenses
277 How MAny People Are Infected With Malaria Every Year 40 Million People
278 How Many Volts Can An Electric Catfish Generate 350 Volts
279 If The polar Ice Caps Melted, How Many Metres Would Sea Level Rise 56 Metres
280 If You Stood On A Hill On A Dark Night, Over What Distance Could You See A Match Being Struck 50 Miles
281 What Percentage Of Puerto Rican Men Live Beyond 85 21%
282 A Shanghai Priest Didn't Cut His Nails For 27 Years, How Long In Cm Did They Grow To 60 Cm
283 What Percentage Of Britons Loose All Their Teeth By The 21st Birthday 13% (UK In 1995)
284 Chang & Eng, The Siamese Twins, Fathered How Many Children Between Them 21 Children
285 By The Time He Was 15 How Many Operas Had Mozart Written 14 Operas
286 What Percentage Of It's Value In 1913 Was The German Mark In 1923 1 Million Millionth (0,000000000001%)
287 What Is The Escape Velocity For Leaving The Earth In Miles Per Second 7 Miles Per Second
288 How Many Miles From The Earth Is The Moon 240,000 (Average)
289 Tom Baker Played Doctor Who In How Many Episodes Of The TV Series? 172 Episodes
290 In Channel 4's 1999 Poll To Find The “100 Greatest Movie Stars, In What Position Was Michael Caine? 44

How Many Cards Are There In A Standard Pack Of Tarot Cards =

292 In Which Year Did The First Ever Bank Robbery Take Place In The USA? 1831
293 How Many Times A Day Does The Human Heart Beat 100,000
294 How Many Times Is The F*** Word Used In The Movie Goodfellas 246
295 Stan Willis from The Usa, Has The Worlds Largest Collection Of Handcuffs But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Pairs Of Handcuffs Does He Own 843
296 The Gingham Dress That Judy Garland Wore In The Film The Wizard Of Oz Was Sold Recently At Bonhams How Much Did It Sell For? (Pounds) 140,000
297 Fiona Apple Holds The Record For The Longest Title On An Album, But Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Words The Title Consisted Of? 90 Words
298 The Largest Box Of Chocolates In The World Was A Frango Mint Chocolate Box, It Weighed 3,226lb But Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Individual Chocolates Were In That Box? 90,090 Chocolates
299 Marks & Spencer's Sells More Underwear Than Any Other Retailer World Wide, But Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Pairs Of Knickers They Sell A Day? 137,000 Pairs
300 How Long In Inches Is The Average Term Baby 20 Inches
301 Roughly What Is The Earths Circumference Around The Equator (In Miles) 24,902
302 Ove Nordstrom From Sweden Has The Worlds Largest Piggy Bank Collection From Over 40 Countries How Many Piggy Banks Does She Have In Total 5750
303 Last Week Miss Pauline Simpson From Kent Placed Herself On Ebay Offering Herself As A Girlfriend In An Attempt To Meet Mr Right & Also Raise Money For Charity, The Highest Bidder Was A Mr Charles Kinner From Stratford East London But Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did He Eventually Pay For Her. £167

In Which Year Did Bugs Bunny First Ask Elmer Fudd “ Whats Up Doc

305 To The Nearest Mile How Long Is Hadrians Wall 73 Mile
306 How Many Tarot Cards Are There In A Standard Pack 78
307 Roughly What Percentage Of The Earths Surface Is Covered By Glaciers 10%
308 How High In Metres Is The Great Pyramid 147 Metres High

Aproximately How Many Miles Of Veins, Arteries & Capillaries Are There In The Human Body

310 How Many League Goals Has Ian Wright Scored For Arsenal 185 Goals
311 In What Year Was Diana Ross Born 1944
312 How Many Miles Long Is The River Nile 4160
313 In Which Year Was The Encyclopedia Britanica First Published 1768
314 How Many Aces Did Goran Ivanisevic Serve On His Way To Winning Wimbledon In 2001 212
315 In What Year Was Sliced Bread First Introduced 1930
316 How Many Calories Are In A Pint Of Guinness 198 Calories
317 Andre J Ludwick Has The Largest Collection Of Nail Clippers In The World How Many Does He Own 505 Clippers
318 Carmen Dell'Orefice Has The Longest Career As A Catwalk Model On Record How Many Years 69 Years
319 Ashrita Furman Holds The Record For Balancing The Most Pint Glasses On His Chin How Many 75 Glasses
320 Paul Hunn From London Has The Largest Burp In The World, Some Say It's As Loud As A Pneumatic Drill And Can Be Heard Over The Music In A Nightclub But How Loud In Decibells Is It 118 Decibells
321 Dr Norman Gary Holds The Record For Holding The Mosy Honey Bees In His Mouth But Can You Tell Me How Many Bee's Did He Manage To Keep In His Mouth 109 Bees
322 Approximately How Long In Minutes Does It Take The Suns Light To Reach Earth Eight Minutes
323 How Many Moons Are There In Our Solar System C = 63
324 How Many Years Does It Take Neptune To Orbit The Sun 165
325 How Much Of The Bodys Energy Is Used Up By The Brain (As A Percentage) 20%

Tim Johnston From The Usa Holds The Record For "The Most Spoons Balanced On A Humans Face"

How Many Did He Manage To Hold Onto

327 What Was The Last Year In Which We Had A British Player Win A Singles Title At Wimbledon 1977 (Who)
328 What Is The Size Of The Milky Way In Light Years 100,000 Light Years
329 How Many Million Items Are On Sale On Ebay At Any One Time 44 Million
330 As Of 2004 How Many Americans Make A Living Selling Goods On Ebay 500,000
331 How Many Inches Wide Is A Standard Lane In Ten Pin Bowling 42
332 How high is the drop on the big one at blackpool pleasure beach? 213 Feet
333 How Many Earth Years Does It Take For Uranus To Orbit The Sun 84
334 As Of 2004 How Many Starbucks Outlets Are There Worldwide 8,300
335 Last Week Miss Pauline Simpson From Kent Placed Herself On Ebay Offering Herself As A Girlfriend In An Attempt To Meet Mr Right & Also Raise Money For Charity, The Highest Bidder Was A Mr Charles Kinner From Stratford East London But Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did He Eventually Pay For Her. £167

In Which Year Did Bugs Bunner First Ask Elmer Fudd “ Whats Up Doc ”

337 If All The Coca-Cola Vending Machines In The US Were Stacked On Top Of Each Other How High Would They Reach? (In Miles) 450 Miles
338 How Many Hours Did The Longest Game Of Monopoly On Record Go On For? 660 Hours
339 In Colombia USA You Can Be Fined If Found Gossiping In The Street, Can Anybody Tell Me What Is The Maximum Fine That You Could Be Charged? (In Dollars) $90,000!!!!
340 Venus Williams Holds The Record For The Fastest Serve In Tennis By A Woman, But Can Anybody Tell In Miles Per Hour How Fast The Serve Was? 127.4 MPH
341 How Many Roulette Wheels Are There Altogether In Caesars Palace(13), The Flamingo Hotel(8), Mgm Grand(17), The Monte Carlo(10) & The Rio(11) In Las Vegas 59 Roulette Wheels
342 In What Year Was The Radio Times First Published 1923
343 How Many Wigs Did Queen Elizabeth I Own 125 Wigs
344 In The Arnold Schwarzenegger Film Commando How Many Men Did Arnie Kill 275 Men
345 According To The Sign At John O Groats How Far Is It To Lands End 874
346 How Many Films Did Elvis Presley Star In 33
347 On Average How Many Teeth Can A Great White Shark Grow In A Lifetime 28,500
348 How Many Times Does The Average Adult Human Male Ejaculate In His Lifetime 7,200

According To The Famous Sign At John O Groats How Many Miles Is It To Lands End


The World Record For Eating Smarties With A Pair Of Chopsticks Is Held By Katherine Ratcliffe Of The Uk.So How Many Smarties Did She Manage To Eat In Just 3 Minutes

351 A Burmese Python Called Baby Is Credited As Being The Worlds Heaviest Snake, In Pounds Can Anybody Guess It's Weight 403 Pounds
352 In Seconds What Is The Average Duration Of Sexual Intercourse For Humans 120 Seconds (2 Minutes)
353 How many times is the f-word used in the film "Pulp Fiction"? 257
354 A Six Foot Model Of The Starship Enterprise Was Auctioned This Week At Christies In New York , Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did It Sell For (In Dollars) $576,000 Dollars
355 In What Year Was The World's First Telephone Call Made? 1876
356 How Many Perforated Squares are there on a normal family size Toilet Roll 333
357 Up To The End Of 2006 How Many Weeks Have The England Football Team Spent In The Singles Charts? 45 Weeks
358 What Percentage Of Americans Believe That The Apollo Moon Landings In 1969 Were Fake 27%
359 In Which Year Was Desert Island Discs First Broadcast? 1942
360 For His Role In The Movie Pulp Fiction How Much Was Actor John Travolta Paid $140,000
361 How Many People Are There Depicted On The Bayeaux Tapestry 626
362 How Many Takeoffs And Landings Has There Been At Heathrow Airport From March Last Year (2005) Up Until March Of This Year (2006) 473,000
363 In Which Year Was The Clangers First Broadcast On UK TV? 1969
364 It Is Reported That John F Kennedy Lost His Virginity To A Prostitute In Dollars How Much Is He Supposed To Have Paid Her $3.00
365 In How Many Films Did John Wayne Play A Character Called John? 37 Films
366 Before The September 11 th Terrorist Attacks How Many Windows Were There In Both of the Twin Towers? 43,600
367 In what Year Was The First Christmas Card Produced? 1843
368 By The End Of The 17 th Series Of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” In 2005, How Many People Had Sat In The Hot Seat? 1,132 People
369 Myleene Klass Has Just Auctioned Off On E-Bay Her White Bikini That She Wore On I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Can Anybody Tell Me How Much It Sold For? 7,000 Pounds
370 How Many Episodes In Total Were Made Of Juliet Bravo? 82 Episodes
371 In What Year Did France Become The First Country To Introduce State Controlled Brothels? 1778
372 How Many London Underground Stations Begin With The Letter S? 31 Stations
373 Throughout The Year 2006, Scumbag Pete Docherty Was Arrested On Drug Possession Charges How Many Times 27
374 In How Many Bond Films Did Desmond Llewelyn Play The Character Of Q? 17 Times
375 In What Year Were Ball Girls First Introduced At Wimbledon? 1977
376 After The 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, How Many Times Had The United Kingdom Finished Second? 15 Times
377 How Many Dinner Plates Were Onboard The Titanic When It Sunk In 1912? 12,000 Dinner Plates
378 How Many Times Does The Word Love Appear In The Bible? 733 Times
379 “Miss Saigon” Premiered In Drury Lane, London In 1989, But How Many Performances Were Put On There Before It Closed? 4,264
380 In What Year Did Driving Licenses Become Compulsory In Britain? 1903
381 How Many Steps Are There From The Bottom To The Top Of The Empire State Building? 1,860 Steps
382 In Which Year Did Superman Appear In Action Comics For The First Time? 1938
383 The Biggest Dog On Record Is An Old English Mastiff Who Ws 8 Feet, 3 Inches From Nose To Tail. But Can Anybody Tell Me How Much Did He Weigh? (In Pounds) 343 Pounds
384 The Most Expensive Tea Bag In The World Was Sold At Auction Last Week, It Is Filled With 280 Diamonds. Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Did The Tea Bag Sell For? 7,500 Pounds For A Tea Bag!!
385 As We Know William Roach Has Been On Coronation Street Since The Very Beginning, But Can Anybody Tell Me How Many Episodes Has He Starred In? (Up To The End Of January 2007) 294 Episodes
386 Lauren Lubeck Blair & David Hough Blair Hold The Record For The Most Renewals Of Their Marriage Vows But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Times Have They Renewed Them So Far 83 Times
387 The Most Expensive Pair Of Shoes Ever Made Is A Pair Of “Cinderella Slippers” Designed By Stuart Weitzman But Can Anybody Tell Me How Much These Shoes Are Worth? $2 Million
388 In What Year Was Children In Need First Broadcast On British TV? 1987
389 How Many Tiles Are There All Together In A “Scrabble” Game? 100
390 How Many Times Does The Word “Lord” Appear In The Bible? 7736 Times
391 In which year was Subbutteo launched 1947
392 How many bedrooms are there in the White House 32
393 How many drops of water would be needed to fill a teaspoon 120
394 On what date was Mickey Mouse born?
November 18 1928
395 How many times are the words `Love Shack` mentioned in the B-52s hit of the same name?
396 In the Travis song `Sing`, how many times is the word `Sing` sung?
397 How tall in feet is Salisbury Cathedral`s spire from ground to tip? 404 feet
398 In which year was the numbering of houses first introduced?
399 In which year was volleyball invented? 1895
400 As at January 1st, 2000 , how many Popes have been assassinated? 26
401 In what year was barbed wire invented?
402 By how many days did Amundsen beat Scott to become the first person to reach the South Pole?
403 When did the weather forecast appear in The Times newspaper for the first time?
404 In what year were professional soccer matches played on a Sunday in Britain for the first time? 1974
405 In which year did BBC 2 become the first British channel to broadcast in colour?
406 The first book of crosswords was published in what year? 1924
407 In what year was the famous 50 foot tall Hollywood sign first erected? 1923
408 What was the world record official attendance at the 1950 soccer world cup final? 199,854
409 When was the Barbie doll first sold with bendable legs? 1965
410 How many days is the average gestation period of a mouse? 21
411 In which year were the Samaritans founded?
412 In what year did the first execution by lethal injection take place in America ? 1982
413 Jordan is set to get the record for having the longest wedding dress when she marries Peter Andre in September, can anyone tell me how long the wedding dress is that holds the record now? (In Metres)

776 Metres

2545.93184 FEET INCHES
414 How Many Hairs Are There On The Average Adult Human Body 5 million
415 In Which Year Was The 999 Service Introduced Into Britain 1937
416 How Many Lavatories Are There In The New Wembley Stadium? 2,618 Lavatories

Of All The Boob Jobs Performed Around The World How Many, Expressed As A Percentage Are Performed On White Woman Under 40


418 In What Year Did BBC 2 Begin Broadcasting? 1964
419 As Of 2006 How Many Restaurants & Takeaways Are There On The Curry Mile In Manchester? 70
420 Expressed As A Percentage How Much Of The Worlds Population Are Left Handed 11%
421 Canadian Tattoo Artist Arnold Spencer The 3 rd Holds The Record For The Most Tatttoo's On A Human Body But How Many Does He Have 4,831
422 In What Year Was The First Car With Air Conditioning Manufactured 1939
423 Approximately How Many Miles In Total Is London's M25 Orbital Motorway 118 Miles
424 In The Book The Karma Sutra How Many Different Types Of Kisses Are Shown? 30 Kisses
425 On Record Civet Coffee Is The Most Expensive Coffee In The World, But Can Anybody Tell Me How Much Does Just One Pound Of This Coffee Cost? (That's In Dollars) $600
426 The Superman Suit Worn By Christopher Reeve In The 1978 Blockbuster Film Was Sold In 2007 At A Hollywood Film Auction. Can Anybody Tell Me How Much Did It Sell For? 58,000 Pounds
427 To Make 1 Litre Of Honey You Would Need The Nectar From How Many Flowers? 10 Million Flowers
428 According To A Recent Count In 2006 What Is The Total Number Of Escalators Currently In Use On The London Underground 408

How Many Swear Words Are There In The South Park Movie Bigger, Longer & Uncut

430 In dollars, how much did the 1997 film Titanic gross in its opening weekend in America? $28,638,131
431 Approximately what percentage of Americans have appeared on television? 25%
432 How Many Times In The 1990's Did Cambridge Beat Oxford Seven
433 In which year did Czechoslovakia become the first country to make seat belts compulsory? 1969
434 How Many Neck Bones Does An Owl Have 14
435 How many times is the `F-word` used in the film `Goodfellas`?
436 The Worlds Largest Hotel Is The MGM Grand Hotel , How Many Rooms Does The Building Have 5009

Gary Turner From The Uk Holds The Record For The Most Clothes Pegs Clipped To A Human Face At One Time How Many Clothes Pegs Did He Manage To Clip To His Face

438 How Many Goals Did Bobby Charlton Score While Playing For England 49
439 How Many Hot Dogs Are Purchased In The Usa Every Second Of The Day 550 Hot dogs
440 How many storys does the Empire State Building in New York have?
441 How many islands are in Fiji?
442 Superman appeared for the first time in Issue of Action Comics. What was the year? 1938
443 How many times is the f-word used in the film "Pulp Fiction"?
444 How many points does Kermit the Frog have on his collar? 11
445 Sir Robin Day Was Born On Which Date? 24th October 1923
446 In what year was Diet Coke invented?
447 How Many Runs Did Garfield Sobers Achieve In A One Day International Against ??? In ???? Zero
448 In Channel 4's 1999 Poll To Find The Greatest Movie Stars In Whaat Position Was Michael Caine 44
449 In What Year Was The First Ever Eurovision Song Contest 1956
450 The first set of rules for the sport of Boxing, the London Prize Ring rules, were introduced in which year?
451 In Which Year Was The First Car With Air Conditioning Manufactured? 1939
452 In The Entire Works Of William Shakespeare How Many Times Is the Word Fork Mentioned? 4
453 In Which Year Did The Hoover Company Begin Producing Vacuum Cleaners? 1908
454 How Many Weeks Have The England Football Team Spent In The Singles Charts 45
455 On What Date Did Men At Work Enter The Charts With "Down Under"? January 8th 1983
456 In Which Year Did The World Health Organisation Announce The Eradication Of Smallpox? 1980
457 In Which Year Were Wickets Consisting Of Three Stumps First Used In A Cricket Match? 1776
458 On What Date Was "Countdown" First Shown On British Television? November 2nd 1982
459 How Many Times A Day Does The Average Human Heartbeat 100,000
460 At The Time Of Her Jubilee How Many Ships Had The Queen Launched 17
461 In Which Year Was The Word Homosexual First Used 1869
462 The Tv Series Planet Of The Apes Starring Roddy McDowell Waas Set In Which Year 3085
463 In What Year Did Percy L Spencer Invent The Microwave 1947
464 At The Beginning Of The 21 st Century How Many Beauty Salons Were There In Beverley Hills? 299
465 How many Copies Of The 6th Harry Potter Book , Tthe Half Blood Prince Were Sold In The First Week Of Its Uk Release 2,009,974
466 How Many Episodes Of The Sitcom "It Ain't Alf Hot Mom" Were Screened 56
467 The Rugby Player David Campese Won How Many Caps For Australia 101
468 How Many Epsom Derby Winners Were Ridden By Lester Piggot 9
469 Salman Rushdie Was Born On Which Date 19th June 1947
470 How Many American Soldiers Were Killed During World War One 116, 516
471 How Many British Warships Were Sunk During World War 2 213
472 French Is The Official Language In How Many Countries (As Of 2007) 33
473 Gene Pitney Was Born On Which Date 17th February 1941
474 The BBC2 Sitcom Butterflies Was First Screened In Which Year 10th November 1978
475 How Many Police Officers Are There (As Of 1st Dec 05) In The Hampshire Police Force 3, 803
476 The First Ever Tv Episode Of "Heartbeat" Was Screened In Which Year 10th April / 1992
477 How Many Episodes Were Made Of The TV Series "The Sweeney"? 52 Episodes
478 How Many Seats Does The New Wembley Sadium Have? 90,000
479 How Many Steps Are There To The Trophy Presentation Area In The New Wembley Stadium? 107 They Used To Be 39
480 How Many Kitchens Are There In The New Wembley Stadium? 93 Kitchens
481 At The New Wembley Stadium It Has A Spectacular New Arch Taller Than The London Eye, But Can Anybody Tell Me How Tall It Is In Feet? 436 Feet
482 The Roof At The New Wembley Stadium Covers 11 Acres Of The Pitch But how Much does It Weigh? 7,000 Tons
483 What Was William Hagues Consituency Majority At The 1997 General Election 10,051
484 On Which Date Did The BBC First Screen The Likely Lads 16th Dec 1964
485 In Degrees Fahrenheit What Is The Melting Point Of The Element Tungsten 6,192
486 To The Neaarest Minute How Long Did It Take American Chad Hunderby To Swim The English Channel 7 Hours 7 Minutes
487 As Of 2006 How Many Times Has Queen Elizabeth The 2nd Visited Canada 23
488 On Which Date Was Tthe Pop Star Elvis Costello Born 25th August 1955
489 In Which Year Was The Waterbed Patented 1853
490 In Which Year Was The Worlds First Mcdonalds Opened 1954
491 How Much Did Sylvester Stallone Earn From His First Rocky Film That Came Out In 1976? (In Dollars) $23,000
492 At The New Wembley Stadium How Much Would It Cost You For Just One Cup Of Tea? £2.70 A Cup
493 Tom Baker Played Dr Who In how many Episodes Of The Show 172
494 In What Year Was The First Penalty Scored In An Fa Cup Final 1910
495 Approximately How Long Does It Take A Garden Spider To Spin A Complete Web? (In Hours) 1 Hour
496 In Which Year Was The Oral Contraceptive Pill first Introduced To The British General Public 1960
497 According to A 2006 Survey What Percentage Of English Woman Have Admitted To Punching Or Kicking Their Partners 43%
498 As Of 2007 How Many Licensed Cabs Were There In The City Of London 21,000
499 In Which Year Was Diet Coke Invented 1982
500 The highest waterfall in the world is the Angel Falls, in feet, how long is The Drop 3121 Feet